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Home Staging of your Kitchen

Bedroom and master bathroom before Home Staging BEFORE

Our bedroom is a special place of relaxation and rest, it deserves all our attention! In this first of two videos of the Home Staging series about a bedroom and master bathroom, Anita makes us realize the challenges involved in furnishing these rooms. She shows us what a bedroom and bathroom look like without having done the Home Staging exercise. Anita triggers our curiosity and makes us want to know more about this method.

Bedroom and master bathroom after Home Staging

A well-appointed bedroom and master bathroom will make a great impression! In this second video of the Home Staging series about bedrooms and master bathrooms, Anita shows results that can be obtained, with a few minor changes. With her good advice and a little imagination, you can do just as much.

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Anita Savoie REALTOR®

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