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Home Staging Tips in English

The Importance of Home Staging Your House

The first impression often makes all the difference! Your home is no exception to this truth! In this Home Staging series of video, Anita explains based on statistics, how to apply this art to show your home in its best light! With a small investment of time and money, this simple technique can help you sell your home faster and at a better price!

Depersonalization & Decluttering

While preparing for the sale of your house, it is sometimes difficult, but necessary to depersonalize certain corners or aspects of it! In this second video of the Home Staging series, Anita shares her experience and guides us on the road to a quick sale. By assessing the real need for certain pieces of furniture, items and byre thinking your decor you will allow buyers to better imagine the potential your home has to offer.

Updating the state of the property

It is important to make your home as attractive as possible to future buyers! In this 3rd video in the Home Staging series, Anita explains that with an investment of 1 to 1.5% of its sale value, it is possible to restore a youthful look to your home. Whether it’s changing lights, door handles, curtains or appliances, all these little details can make a huge difference in the sale of your house.

Cleaning and odors

It is widely known that good smells and a clean house make it easier to sell your home! In this 4th video in the Home Staging series, Anita guides us through this very important and inexpensive step. It will require time and energy, but this effort, within everyone’s reach, will considerably increase your chances of selling your home quickly.

Annual maintenance of your home

Maintaining your home is like changing the oil in your car… a necessity! In this 5th video of the Home Staging series, Anita shares some common problems that come to light during home inspections. A short tour of your home at each season and a few minor repairs could save you a lot of money in the long run and at the time of the sale of your home.

The arrangement of furniture and the use of space

The layout of the furniture, the use of accessories and the ambiance of your home are 3 important criteria to attract a buyer. In this 6th video of the Home Staging series, Anita discusses the importance of a home well presented. During the visits or when you prepare the images to be placed on MLS, your home should look at its best! This video can help you create the desired impression into the hearts of a potential buyer!

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