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A natural leader, Anita Savoie is always on a quest to provide her clients with an unmatched level of service. Her relationship-oriented approach to business combined with her sympathetic nature allow buyers and sellers to feel at ease as they navigate through the transaction process. Anita has spent the last eight years working in real estate, and views it not as a job, but as a true passion. “I picked something that I truly love doing, that’s why it doesn’t feel like work. Every morning I wake up enthusiastic about getting started.”

Listening intently to her clients’ specific needs to ensure that she fully understands their goals is a priority to Anita, which is why she offers a lengthy free consultation. “A lot of agents are in a rush with their free consultations, but I provide my clients all the time they need. I need to connect with my clients and make sure that I understand their needs. When we go to see houses, I always tell them that we are not in a rush. They need to feel the energy of the house, and 15 to 30 minutes is not enough. A house is more than just walls. You need to have the time to feel comfortable and call that house ‘My home!’”

Anita doesn’t shy away from pointing out any potential issues with a house in order to protect her buyers. “Part of my job is to show them things that they might not see right away, such as the condition of the neighbor’s yard or the outside noise. I help them notice the small details so that they can make their final decision being fully informed.” She takes the same diligent approach when working with sellers by marketing their properties with style and professionalism. She is a fierce negotiator who’s always looking to get them the highest bid.

Completing an average of 60 transactions per year, and with more than 400 transactions in her career, Anita’s recipe for success boils down to being attentive and always offering transparent communication. “Good communication is the foundation for a happy transaction. I listen to my clients and I’m compassionate because I realize that they are going through a huge transition.” Her compassion and patience are traits cherished by both her clients and those who work alongside her. Even though she is busy with her own workload, she always takes the time to listen to others and help them in any way she can. People turn to Anita because they know they can count on her.

Bilingual in French and English, Anita plans to continue helping her clients for many more years to come, and she is looking to hire additional agents to assist her. She’s also keeping herself focused with a strategically placed vision board. “I’m very goal oriented. I have a board at my office that I look at every day, which has all of my transactions listed for the year. It keeps me motivated and excited to keep reaching further.”

To learn more about Anita Savoie please call (506) 227–8554, email, or visit

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